Successful online business ideas for beginners

Online business is the best way to earn money. you don’t need any place; you can start from home with just a small investment. You just need 3 things a computer, Internet connection and patience.

Yes, Patience is a very important thing in online business. If you think you would start from today and after 2-3 months you will start earning thousands of dollars.

The online business is not for you, first, you have to build trust with your customer. You will have to use Digital Marketing to increase the sales of your product. You have will have to be active in social media with regular post.

I have run some of the successful business in last 4 years. My first business was of drop shipping and made thousands of dollars from that but drop shipping is not working that way now like this was working 2-3 years ago.

Online business ideas you can do from your home

1. Drop Shipping

online business ideas
online business ideas

Drop Shipping is just like brokerage business. You just need a website or online store in platforms like Shopify. After that, you can tie up with some local store for any particular product.

You do just small marketing of particular in social media & after getting orders from the customer. You just go to any local store to get that product and deliver it to your customer. The best drop shipper in the market is AliExpress.

For Example

I want to sell JBL Headphones on my website. I will go to some local store and convince the owner of 10$ per Headphones. After that, I will list that product for 13$ on my website.

I will do just small marketing of the Headphone in Social media. When I will get orders I just simply go to that store pick up the product pay him and deliver to my customer.

Drop Shipping is the best online business you can start with just small investment of 20-30$. You just need a website or you can open your online store in Shopify and the best thing is that they are giving free trial of 14 days.

2. Become Seller on Amazon

online business ideas
online business ideas

Amazon is the best platform to sell anything. You don’t need anything. You will have to register for seller in Amazon. Then choose your product you want to sell on Amazon & when you will get the order. You don’t need to do anything they will just pick up the product from your doorstep, pack and deliver it to the customer.

If you are confused where to find cheap products to sell on Amazon you can visit ‘’. You will find millions of cheap products but if you want to order from Alibaba than you won’t find a single product. you will have to buy in some large amount like 10-20 pieces. So for start selling in Amazon, you must need at least 50-80 $ for just buying a product.

3. Domain Trading

online business ideas
online business ideas

In domain trading, a person just purchases a domain at a cheap price and sell them back if any user needs that domain. This is the most profitable business & it is so simple but you need a small investment of 10-20 $ to buy domains from GoDaddy or any other website.

For domain trading, you have to do some research like which are the latest companies recently launched or any big organization which doesn’t have a website or domain registered with their names.

4. Digital Marketing Agency

online business ideas
online business ideas

You can start a digital marketing agency but for this first, you have to learn about digital marketing. There are many online tutorial sites, like Udmey but if you want to learn for free then you will find many tutorials on YouTube also.

The digital marketing is growing day by day and every small or big company are doing promotion for their product through digital marketing & for that, they need some digital marketers who can handle their social media accounts, do a post daily etc.

Digital marketing is the best online business you can start from your home without spending a high amount.

5. Hosting company

online business ideas
online business ideas

Every website needs hosting to host their website & every user can’t afford higher prices for hosting. So you can start selling hosting by making a website. You don’t need any big server for doing that.

You can buy some dedicated server from any big company like BlueHost (see plans) or GoDaddy(see plans) and after that, you can divide and sale that hosting in your website in cheap by dividing that server into many parts. Many websites are doing this business and they are making a huge profit from that.

6. Bulk SMS & E-mail provider

online business ideas
online business ideas

Many companies around the world send promotional SMS & E-mails to their customer. What did you think about how they to it? Through these companies, because it is not possible to send SMS or E-mail to every single customer one by one and for that, they pay a very big amount.

This is one of the best online business you can start from your home because of very low competition. To start this Business, all you need is a computer with good internet connection.

After that You will need to buy SMPP Server from one of the message aggregator companies and will have to create your own SMS application, API for SMS sending and for doing so you need an investment of 50$ to 70$.

For starting and creating a successful online business you really need a lot of patience and strategy. You will have to invest lots of time and some small amount of money also. These online business ideas are best for students, Bachelors or housewives or the person with a lot of free time.

Final Words

In the above, we discussed best online business ideas that you can start right now from your home without any investment. Choose according to your choice and just from right now. If you are a student or housewife and you have lots of time then you should definitely start the dropshipping business. You don’t need to do anything in the dropshipping business you just take orders and give orders.

Don’t forgot to comment your favourite business idea.

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Make $10K/Month With these Online Businesses No Investment Required
For starting and creating a successful online business you really need a lot of Patience, Strategy, and Money. If you are a student and you don't have money to invest use these ideas